Collaborate with a group people in San Francisco, BizLabs is striving to become the leader of future smart holiday lights and home lighting brand. We are engaging in creating a brand new, high-quality, and smart lighting experience with latest innovations, to enable you an easy way to personalize your lighting effects for an even greater experience. 


We are committed to providing a variety of modern and inspiring smart lighting products which are not only innovative but also highly stylish and practical, helping our valued customers reinvent their spaces so they can lead a more pleasant and enjoyable life.

Our success is based on going beyond traditional holiday lights to deliver entertaining products that connect people's lives and allow them to enjoy a connected home.


Becoming a highly reputed smart lighting brand, as well as the go-to shop among individuals who look for holiday or everyday lighting products that stand out.

Our ambition is to meet and exceed our customers' expectations by providing them with one-of-a-kind products that consistently and reliably provide harmony to their spaces and bring pleasure into their lives.