Based in San Francisco and collaborating with a diverse team, BrizLabs is striving to become the leading brand in smart holiday and home lighting solutions. We are committed to creating an entirely new, high-quality, and smart lighting experience with the latest innovations, providing you with an effortless way to customize your lighting effects for an even better experience.


We are dedicated to offering a variety of contemporary and inspiring smart lighting products that are not only innovative but also highly stylish and practical. We aim to assist our valued customers in transforming their spaces to lead a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Our success is grounded in transcending traditional holiday lighting to deliver entertaining products that integrate seamlessly into people's lives and enable them to experience a connected home.


Our goal is to establish ourselves as a highly respected smart lighting brand and become the first choice for individuals seeking distinctive holiday or everyday lighting products.

Our ambition is to fulfill and surpass our customers' expectations by providing them with unique products that consistently add harmony to their spaces and bring joy to their lives.